The olive varieties grown in Ara del Re are typical of central Italy: Frantoio, Leccino and Maurino and Pendolino for the pollination.

The multivariety olive oil we obtain after the processing is a perfect balance of the main features of each variety. Together, the fruity flavour of the Frantoio cultivar, the bitterness of the Leccino variety, the delicacy of the Pendolino cultivar and the sweetness of the Maurino variety produce an olive oil, which has a medium fruity taste and a balanced bitter and sharp aftertaste.

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After the first five years spent in using ecological methods for our cultivation, we decided to follow the regulations of organic agriculture and through Bioagricert we certified both the product and the farm, according to the CEE 2029/91 regulations.

Our olive oil is produced employing exclusively olives coming from our farm and it is processed in a modern oil press in a continuous line. Thanks to this system, we prevent the olive paste from being exposed to the air, that could cause oxidation and inevitably create a poor product.

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The olive harvest starts around the middle of October and ends around the middle of November, which is the moment when the olives arrive at about half of their process of colour changing; they pass from green to black or from green to red, according to the variety. At Ara del Re the harvest is partly handmade; the rest of it, it is made using modern machineries. These machineries provoke the falling of the olives, without damaging the pulp.

The olives are sent to the oil mill into open boxes and they are processed there in less than 24 hours. The olive oil we obtain through this processing is a very high-quality product, which maintains all its properties and all its precious elements that we usually lose when using other techniques.