ELEIVA is an Etruscan word which means both “oil” and “serum". That’s because since ancient times olive oil was already being used for the skin care, as well as for food. The importance of this ambivalence was therefore evident even in the name of this liquid gold.

Since olive trees were strong and durable, almost indestructible, the Etruscan thought that olive oil had a divine powerand that it could restore one’s lost youth. They actually thought that the secret of these trees’ strength and long life was hidden in their fruits’ juice.

Olive oil was used to give massages, in face and hair masks, but also to soothe swelling, cracking or puncture wounds.

It was considered a valuable commodity and a luxury for a few, namely kings, queens, nobles and sport champions.

This ancient tradition inspired us to create these cosmetics for your skin care exploiting the incredible properties of our olive oil.

Polyphenols and vitamin E have a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and repairing effect , while unsaturated fatty acids have moisturizing and softening properties.


Face cream

24,00 €

It is an olive oil-based face cream suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes and fights natural aging of your skin. It gives firmness and vitality to your face, neck and décolleté. The olive oil has an anti-aging effect thanks to its vitamin E and its polyphenols, which have an antioxidant effect and fight free radicals. Its regenerative power reduces imperfections such as blemishes and small wrinkles.


Face mask

19,00 €

A full-bodied olive oil-based product that absorbs quickly. Thanks to the nourishing power of the olive oil together with the sunflower oil, almond oil and argan oil it softens your skin without greasing. Its regenerative properties repair your skin, soothes and prevents small imperfections such as stretch marks.

It can be applied on dry skin, even though we highly recommend to apply it on wet skin, right after the shower. Dab with your towel without rubbing.


Softening soap

3,50 €

An olive oil-based bar soap which will leave your hands soft after every use moisturizing and nourishing your skin. The soothing and regenerative power of the olive oil accelerates the healing of cracking and irritation.


Face mask

9,00 €

The mask deeply nourishes and as an anti-aging effect. It makes your skin uniform, smoothes small wrinkles and fights the onset of new ones. Our mask plumps the skin, making it soft, smooth and firm, without greasing. It also soothes your reddened skin from the first application.


Hand cream

12,00 €

It is an olive oil-based hand cream suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes, deeply nourishes and gives firmness to your skin. Furthermore, the olive oil and many other extracts of our formula have an important soothing effect on dry or cracked hands stressed from cold, water or dust.

Cleansing oil and

makeup remover

11,00 €

Our gentle cleansing oil removes the most resistant dirt and makeup in no time. It is perfect for sensitive, dry, irritated or oily skin and, more importantly, for lazy people who don’t want to remove their makeup. A quick and nice way to cleanse your face which will leave your skin soft and clean. The real treat you’re looking forward to!

Reusable double face

makeup remover pad

3,00 €

We introduce a reusable makeup remover pad in order to avoid useless wastes. Two incredible faces: a sponge cotton face that will remove your makeup in no time and a honeycomb cotton one, perfect to remove a face mask. Our pad is 100% cotton and 100% made in Italy. It suits every skin type, from the most delicate one to a combination or an oily skin.


con cuore di luffa

6,00 €

Un detergente corpo solido che, oltre a pulire delicatamente e a fondo la pelle, permette di fare uno scrub delicato ma efficace grazie alla luffa contenuta al suo interno. Il massaggio aiuta anche a migliorare la circolazione. Inoltre l’olio di oliva nutre la pelle, mentre il succo di ciliegia la rende uniforme e ancora più luminosa.

Balsamo labbra


5,90 €

Non fatevi ingannare, è piccolo fuori ma potentissimo dentro! Un mix di olii e burri che, pur lasciando un velo impalpabile e confortevole sulle labbra, le protegge e le ripara in profondità. Le labbra screpolate, secche, disidratate (o semplicemente provate dai troppi baci), torneranno a splendere in men che non si dica.

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