Federica Ricci’s farm Ara del Re was born in 1997 from the passion for the hills of the Tuscia, on the outskirts of Viterbo, for the taste of their olive oil and for the agriculture of tradition: we therefore decided to plant about 1.200 olive trees.

Our farm is a small one and it is entirely run by our family. It covers an area of 6 hectares and it is not very far from Roccalvecce, a medieval village at about 300 meters above the sea level. The olive grove Ara del Re is 4 hectares and a half large and it is left uncultivated in order to avoid both the damage that some mechanical processing can happen to cause to the most superficial roots of our plants and the soil erosion. We grow the olive trees in the traditional “vase” shape, the planting layout measures 6×6 metres and, after many years of careful work, our young plants got a shape that makes us proud of them.



We produce biological olive oil because we love and respect nature. Our product is certified through Bioagricert.

We also installed solar panels on the roof of our lab, in order to give our little contribution to environmental protection.

Since 2017, we are members of Slow Food Viterbo e Tuscia, and, in 2019, we got the eco-label "Tuscia Viterbese" of the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo.